What is The NOEA?

The Northeastern Oklahoma Evangelizing Association
was formed for the purpose of "evangelizing northeastern Oklahoma...to establish congregations after the New Testament order."

The Association consists of members of the New Testament Christian Churches in northeastern Oklahoma who contribute $2.00 per month, or more, to the Association or who are members of a Christian Church that regularly contributes to the Association as a congregation.

The N.O.E.A. began on March 4, 1955 when 66 men from 11 congregation attended a dinner sponsored by the two year old East Tulsa Christian Church.  These men indicated that a united effort to establish new churches should be launched.  Two months later, May 13, the N.O.E.A. was officially born at another men's fellowship meeting.

The Area of Northeastern Oklahoma is generally considered to be bounded on the west by Interstate Highway 35, and on the south by Interstate Highway 40, and on the north and east by the state line, Oklahoma's pastoral Green Country lies within these bounds.

There is no ecclesiastical relationship between the N.O.E.A. and congregations.  Since the Association is made of individuals, not congregations, the N.O.E.A. has no authoritative relationship with any supporting congregation.

The Officers of the N.O.E.A. are members of Christian Churches and they are selected from the membership of the N.O.E.A.  These officers donate their time.
          Meetings of the N.O.E.A. are held as often as the
          officers deem them necessary for conducting business.

                    -Advisory Meetings:  This committee is
                    composed of two idividuals selected by each
                    supporting congregation.  This committee
                    recommends business for the General Meeting.

                    -General Meetings:  Any member of the
                    N.O.E.A. may attend the General Meeting.  This
                    meeting considers any business recommendations,
                    hears the reports of the evangelists, and usually has
                    a message followed by fellowship.